Out With the Old, In With the New!

2008 has been the year of physical challenges.  I am currently typing with my right arm in a lovely elbow length cast (purple) and I’m sitting in the wheelchair I have to use since I fell off my crutches waiting for the post surgery knee to be ready for full out walking.  (Thank goodness for voice recognition software.) I can not tell you how much I am ready for the new! 

Being sewing deprived at the moment I decided I would dream about what I hope to accomplish in 2009…sewing wise.

  1. Sew more..I love the process.
  2. I plan to start by making a new winter coat as soon as I am decast!
  3. Learn to use the MacGen portion of Patternmaker.  Yes, I can run it, but I stumble and do and redo…I want to use it like second nature.
  4. Finish some projects waiting in the wings when the knee went bad:
    • A red leather purse from a skirt purchased at Goodwill.
    • My living room redo which includes drapes, pillows for the sofa and since my dining room adjoins, drapes and recovering the chair seats.  I have had the current drapes and chairs for 16 years…time for a fresh look.
  5. Whip up some cute tea towels using embroidery and sewn borders (I have a pattern).
  6. Finish my cute Burda skirt that was rendered UFO by this fall resulting in a fractured wrist.
  7. Make a spring and summer wardrobe before the season arrives so that I can actually wear it during the season.
  8. Resume the interrupted sewing lessons for DGD.

That is an ambitious list from where I sit right now, but I’m battling the no sewing stint by reading my sewing friend’s blogs, studying some of the books in my library, and perusing a new knitting book since I can’t manage a knitting needle right now either.

So my sewing friends, here’s to 2009.  May it be filled with satisfying sewing days which result in well fitting, much loved garments and other great projects.  May you use the stash steadily and never run out, refine your fit, stay ahead of the seasons, and create gifts that are both works of art and heart!




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