Sewing Again!

I have figured out how to sew “left footed” and am slowly enjoying my sewing life again.  This weekend I started slow…I created a cute tank top out of the Ottobre Woman’s Issue from last spring and I took apart my favorite and raggedy old shorts and created a pattern.  Both were successes!

The shorts first.  I had an old but golden pair of shorts that were a poly knit that was literally worn through.  Now that takes somefavorite shorts doing so you know how many times I must have worn them!  I had tried tracing them off previously but with an elastic waist it was impossible to get an accurate pattern.  so this time I sit down and picked them apart.  I traced them on to swedish tracing paper and added 2″ for length to accommodate my aging legs in a more graceful manner.  These shorts were stitched up in Couture Crepe from the MoreJoyofSewingGroup3 coop and I am sure they will become my new favorite shorts. 🙂  Of course I am shooting my own pic in the mirror so you are only going to see a front view and a big flash!  Now, I don’t normally wear shorts with kneesocks, but this was a quick try on in the sewing room and since I had the cast on the other leg anyway…well…why not!

These shorts are totally made on the serger.  I drafted them with a 1/4″ seam allowance and just serged them up with a 4 thread overlock, then switched to a wide 2 thread coverlock and stitched down the elastic casing and turned up the hems.


Ottotank The tank top is not really a tank on me, although it looks like it in the pattern illustration.   It’s more of a knit shell and much more to my liking.  I wore it  Saturday to lunch with a friend and it was perfect with a light linen blouse over the top as a jacket.  Since I have the typical arms of a middle aged woman, this top will probably make most of it’s appearances under a light blouse.  This is a knit from the above coop.  It’s a fabulous knit and it was so much fun serging it up.  The binding went on fabulously with the cover stitch.  I had previously used another version of this pattern, it had sleeves.  Well, it’s obvious that the bust dart had been rotated to the armscye because the arms bagged at center front.  Never one to be deterred (or to rip coverstitching) I just stitched in some quick bust to armscye darts right through the binding.  As my grandmother was so famous for saying…”who can tell on a galloping horse”.  As a kid I never could figure out what she meant.  Now I TOTALLY get it!  So, this is a wearable muslin.  The next one, I will removottotank2e the dart from the pattern and save myself a step.  And…a plain fabric might not be so forgiving as this pretty print. 

I really like the Ottobre drafts.  They are a good fit for my German genes and they are so well drafted and always go together just like they should.  The size range is nice and the patterns are something real people will wear in real life.  I also appreciate that the models look like real people.  Although I normally sew only a few items from each issue, I tend to make them several times as wardrobe basics.  This magazine is a good investment and subscribing direct from the Ottobre site is relatively hassle-free with a credit card. 

So…I’m sewing again, I’m sewing again!  Hope you are sewing too!

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