Warm Winter Coat Emerges From Stash

Last August when we moved, and the extent of my fabric inventory became fully apparent, I resolved to sew with what I had. We are visiting grandchildren in Kansas and I need a suitable winter coat. After nearly 17 years in the Nashville, TN area, I no longer own a coat that is suitable. I did have 4 yards of heavy navy blue wool melton, 5 yards of slate radiance, assorted tailoring supplies and a stack of Ottobre womens pattern magazines. I selected a princess line coat from the fall 2008 issue. The only changes I made were ditching the patch pockets over the tummy and replacing them with inseam pockets of cotton velveteen. A nice warm luxury. The radience makes an incredible lining. Slick enough to slide into the coat easily and nice and sturdy as well as all natural. My tailoring techniques are pretty much fusing and due to the weight of the wool applied only in the facing, neck and shoulder areas. It’s been tested as we drive across lower Missouri and found to be perfect! My only purchase was buttons and a spool of upholstery thread to sew them on with because the have metal shanks.


It’s a Wild One!

This is my first Ottobre children’s garment.  I have been sewing with the Freedman-OttoSummer09 women’s patterns for some time but just ventured into the children’s.  I have 3 DGS who are all 7…or just about one is just 3 weeks away.  I thought I would enjoy myself and save the mamma’s some money by making some school clothes.  But…I need to test sizes.  So..the boy who likes animals is going to get this shirt made from a cotton fabric from my stash that was very popular with sewing DGS for making pillows and bags.  The buttons were from the stash too so I think I get extra credit here.  Oh Pam…not quite competition for you yet, but I must say the excellent draft of Ottobre makes me look good, don’t you think?

On a side note, much of my sewing room is packed and stored because our house is on the market…you know what…I really am more productive with fewer choices and more room for the creative juices to flow so I don’t get all caught up in trying to choose something from the endless piles.  One thing I have noticed in the past is that some of my favorite garments were challenges from leftovers or too little fabric…I think I like problem solving as much as sewing.  I really do have to figure out how to manage the stash better. 😉



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