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I’ve had the same old WordPress theme way too long. I need a fresh look. Just trying this on for size. I am supposed to be able to customize the background and the header. We’ll see. Stay tuned as I do a bit of experimenting. Don’t run away please, just because it does not look familiar.

I don’t know about you but I am so glad the weekend is here! I am a bit more mobile now and am enjoying an evening on the porch. I’m even doing a bit around the house. This evening I made a batch of home made ice cream for John (DH) in my Donvier freezer, now I know why that thing has been sitting in the cupboard so long. It does not stir well once the freezing starts at all, so we stirred with a spatula, the stiff kind you spread icing with. John had a big bowl, I had a small one with bananna, and we put the rest in the freezer. I think I’m going to wash that thing up and freecycle it. I love the principal of freecycle, I just hate dealing with all the no-shows and drama from those ‘not selected’.

I finished my cedar leaf shawlette last weekend and am now making the Issara Coat from the fall 2010 Twist Collective edition. Unfortunately, I think this lovely pattern has an error and I have found the author less than responsive for pattern support. Hope I hear back soon, because a weekend of sitting on the backside without busy hands is more than I can cope with!

Happy weekend, the kids may be going back to school, but the temperatures are still in the 100’s and sweltering, it is not fall yet! I don’t refuse to let summer go until I am cast and brace free and can romp a bit!


What’s new today

I’ve almost finished my ‘shawlette’.  I’m loving the leaf edging. 🙂

And…lots of yummy mags to read while I sit on my tooshie and try to heal.

Expecting the next Ottobre issue tomorrow in the mail.  From the chatter on the list it’s landing all around me.  Won’t be sewing but I will be browsing.

Also, the new Knitty is up.  Cute things….I see knitting in my near future.  Perhaps DH will take me to knitted bliss this weekend for a bit of shopping.  🙂

Love this scarf. Too bad I have no neck.

The sideways knitting on this cute sweater sure does hug the curves nicely.  Just wondering if I have too many curves?  It’s a maybe.

Totally cute skirt. But it’s going to need a slip.  Hmmm a knit skirt with hip measurement going up to 52.  Is that legal?  I guess if it’s not too tight it could be adorable in the right circumstance. I love it with tights.  But I’m seeing this on one of the skinny DD’s.

Well…back to knitting.  Perhaps I can finish that shawlette and get a photo up.  It’s going to be lovely!  My friend Mary Beth over at the Stitchery, co-sufferer of bad feet has tuned me into radio.  I am loving Ladies in Lavender by Joshua Bell.  (Classical Music)  I see it’s a sound track to a movie. I may be looking for it this weekend too.

Oh…one more thing.  I have joined twitter.  I’m not tweeting my own horn much, but I am following alot.  fittingtips is my twitter ID.

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Is It Brainstorming…or Just Overthinking?

Seems like whenever I have a lot of time on my hands, I come up with my best ideas.  I think I need space to think.  But then, maybe I just overthinkMC900442172 because not all ideas I have turn out to be that great.  I love trying new things, but I can be a dabler…not always a finisher.  I also think best with busy hands…heck, I do everything best with busy hands…I can’t just sit quietly with my hands in my lap, I have to be doing something.  Right now, because getting into the sewing room is virtually impossible, I’m knitting … and thinking.

Thinking about how much I love e-readers…but do I want the Kindle or the Nook? 

Thinking about how the things I really like to read have pictures…OK…maybe I have not outgrown picture books, but I love pretty magazines…remember the old Victoria Magazine, the Hearst publication?  Total eye candy…the new publication edited by Phyllis Hoffman is great, but somehow it’s still not my old Victoria.  And I love home dec magazines, and sewing magazines, quilting magazines, and knitting magazines…not to mention pretty picture loaded books.  So…I need an e-reader with color.  Is that an oxymoron with all the e-ink hype and such?  I’m not sure.

So…I’ve decided what I really need is an iPad.  I can run both the kindle and the nook apps as well as overdrive e-books from my local library.  I can also read PDF’s in color.  Or…Zinio…do you have an app?  Guess what..Sterling Publications and Curious George can both be found in Zinio books….not to mention the UK Version of Country Living if you want to pay $44/year…ummm…no thanks!  Wait!  Zinio does have an iphone app…and I’ll bet they wil have an ipad app soon too…and…color!  Now, to convince DH that I really do need an iPad!  Maybe if I promise to be real good…get the WiFi version, not the G3…Ok…I’ll think of something.

I’m also thinking about ‘what I want to be when I grow up’.  AKA  retire…I’m cooking up a new venture and it involves fiber!  It involves garments, it involves innovation.  Not ready to let the cat out of the bag yet, because it might also involve one of those fly by night ideas that’s off my plate nearly as fast as it got on.

Bored Blogger

I’m still ‘off my feet’ literally.

Fortunately we have had a regular series of rain showers and so the flowers and garden are doing OK without me. DH has been very good about weeding and sprinkling when needed. But, he doesn’t recognize all my flowers, and I miss the ‘hands on’.

Last night my pepper plant was tilting precariously. It had a pepper causing it to tilt to one side. It could have gone longer, and I was actually hoping to wait on it to ripen to a sweet red pepper, but we picked it anyway to save the plant. I am sure it will be tasty. The cukes have gone wild and are now being tied to a trellis. Blossoms only on the tomato plant…as there have been for the last 3 weeks, but still no tomatoes setting on. Do you have to have more than one plant for that to happen? Help me out here if you are a more seasoned vegetable gardener than I am…please!

I’m also knitting. A cute scarflet pattern from a fellow blogger NeverNotKnitting. Found the pattern at my LYS…Bliss. I’m using Debbie Bliss Prima as they had no Handmaiden Lady Godiva…wow! that was lovely and drapable yarn. This pattern is called Cedar Leaf Shawlette, by Alana Dakos. The pattern has a nice scrapbooky look to it and came in a plastic sleeve…Very nice.Green Pepper


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