Boxes, and Pods, and Moving Vans

We have a pod in our driveway nearly half full of boxes, on Friday afternoon we will have a moving van.  In the meantime my life revolves around boxes.  On Saturday morning about 8am I will say farewell to the “sewing room” that came with a house attached that I purchased 11 years ago….has it really been that long?  I will be downsizing my sewing space but DH has promised me a wonderful table and I’ve been scouting for my favorite features on my favorite blogs.  Downsizing can be good…I will have to be more organized and as I packed away fabric for home showings I learned that less is more when it comes to my creativity.

The move will be good.  We are getting a wonderful house, near the grandchildren, with a fabulous floorplan nearly the same as the one we have now.  I’m giving up the bonus room.  I just can’t handle the stairs, and DH will use it as his “DEN”….no roaring from this man, he’s a sweetheart!  It will also double as a dormitory for grandchildren.  🙂

I think not having to run upstairs to my space will result in more frequent use.  I’ll keep you posted on that one.  So…if I vanish for a few days while I unpack, just stay tuned….I’ll post pictures of the new space as it develops…and I have plans…lovely plans, now that I will have walls, rather than just slanty ceilings. 



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