Life Has It’s Challenges

NO, I have not vanished from the blogosphere.  I had knee surgery several weeks ago.  While out on my crutches I slipped and broke my right wrist.  Since left hand one finger typing does not exactly lead to the free flow of ideas…or sewing for that matter…I haven’t been doing much of either. 

Prior to the wrist break I did manage to trace off this Burda skirt and actually cut it out and sew it up on my little oval dining table….cutting was harder than sewing with the huge strange shaped pieces.   But just shy of the hem…I went down!  DH moved all my sewing back upstairs where I definitely can not get in my wheelchair for Christmas as we needed the dining table for family. So…I spend my time sewing vicariously by reading blogs,  reading books, and perusing a stack of old magazines that my friend Val sent me all the way from Chicago.  Val has a knack for perfect gifts!


Speaking of perfect gifts, If you are an Ottobre Design, you will just love Teri’s new Ottobre on-line index she spoiled us with this Christmas.


Were’s the pic?…Well the skirt is black and the hand can not manage the camera at this time.  And the hem is full of pins which I dare not try on the way my luck is running right now!!


Weekend Sewing

On Saturday I created two golf shirts for DH.  Both were plain white pique knit, exactly what he wanted.  I used the KwikSew 2763.   KS2763Having made it once before I knew it was a winner.  I did use the stretch collars because I had them on hand and was short of fabric.  This knit is almost impossible to find.  I purchased it from Anne at the NeedleNook last summer and she was out.  She told me that she does not currently have it in any color but pink.  Unfortunately, I was also a bit shy on one sleeve.  So…I pieced the sleeve in the back creating a “detail”.  I did this same piecing trick on both sleeves to make it look intentional.  I guess you could say it was really because I definately intended to get two shirts out of this yardage.  DH is going on a golf trip in 2 weeks and will need a suitcase full of golf polos.

On Sunday I made a top for myself from Burda 7/2007.  It is the twist top.  I had cut this top out some time ago, but after reading the directions procrastinated on stitching it up until I had a clear head.  So…I thought I might share the photos I took.  The nice thing about this top is the built up neckline…no peep show like so many of the twist tops provide.  It is a plus pattern and it fit right out of the magazine, however I did lengthen it a tad to provide full tummy coverage.  Although with the cotton lycra I used…it’s pretty form fitting. 

twist-1 Here is the top with the center front stitched up and the facings folded in. 

twist2 This is the first twist.  The instructions tell you to twist the right front over the left 2 times.

twist-3 After 2 twists, you get this.

Now, sew flip the top down over the bottom of the bodice and pin the darts together….

twist4 twist5 Here’s what it looks like from the other side.

This is a nice top…definately wearable.  However all my photos in the mirror are unshowable.  I will undress my DTD later and give you a “body shot”.

All in all…a great weekend for sewing!


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