What’s new today

I’ve almost finished my ‘shawlette’.  I’m loving the leaf edging. 🙂

And…lots of yummy mags to read while I sit on my tooshie and try to heal.

Expecting the next Ottobre issue tomorrow in the mail.  From the chatter on the list it’s landing all around me.  Won’t be sewing but I will be browsing.

Also, the new Knitty is up.  Cute things….I see knitting in my near future.  Perhaps DH will take me to knitted bliss this weekend for a bit of shopping.  🙂

Love this scarf. Too bad I have no neck.

The sideways knitting on this cute sweater sure does hug the curves nicely.  Just wondering if I have too many curves?  It’s a maybe.

Totally cute skirt. But it’s going to need a slip.  Hmmm a knit skirt with hip measurement going up to 52.  Is that legal?  I guess if it’s not too tight it could be adorable in the right circumstance. I love it with tights.  But I’m seeing this on one of the skinny DD’s.

Well…back to knitting.  Perhaps I can finish that shawlette and get a photo up.  It’s going to be lovely!  My friend Mary Beth over at the Stitchery, co-sufferer of bad feet has tuned me into last.fm radio.  I am loving Ladies in Lavender by Joshua Bell.  (Classical Music)  I see it’s a sound track to a movie. I may be looking for it this weekend too.

Oh…one more thing.  I have joined twitter.  I’m not tweeting my own horn much, but I am following alot.  fittingtips is my twitter ID.

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2010 Goals

OK…I’m a goal driven gal.  Resolutions aren’t really the same thing in my mind.  Goals are achievable, resolutions are dreams.

This year my goals related to sewing are:

  • Sew from my stash fabric resource center.  I have a great deal of wonderful fabric, I need to use it before my tastes change or it develops a moth infestation, rots, etc.
  • Get rid of stashed fabrics that are no longer flattering to my skin or haircolor…nope…still remaining silver haired for 2010.  Or sew those fabrics into useable garments or accessories for grandchildren or daughters.
  • Learn to grade patterns and use that skill.
  • Create at least one draped garment for myself.
  • Sew regularly.
  • Finish all home dec projects for which I currently have fabric.
  • Loose weight, and sew as I go so that I have well fitting, weightloss motivating clothing.
  • Organize my newly inhabited sewing room.
  • Hang out with sewing friends more, maybe even organize one sew-in in my sparsely decorated livingroom.

Non sewing goals…

  • Do yoga or other flexibility exercises every day.
  • Work on my Bible study project.
  • Clean off my home office desk once a month and start over with the piles.

Yes, I know that is quite a list, but  I do think they are achievable goals.  I’m not disciplined enough to count yardage used and yardage purchased like some of you.  I just go in, grab a hunk of fabric and start the process.  This does not mean I will not purchase any fabric in 2010..that is completely unreasonable in my mind, but I need to get my stash whittled down to where I can store it all in either my sewing room or my ‘fabric storage closet’

  • Make soap regularly…yes, I love my home made soap and so does my family.
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Quilting…hmmm….maybe I can after I’m home from the beach

I’m fascinated with quilting, especially on a day like today.  I’m at the beach for vacation, it’s raining (again) and I have a sinus headache from all those barometric changes.  But as I sit here killing time catching up on my blogs…I discovered over on the Jolly Jabber that Fig Tree quilts will be sponsoring a block of the month club that’s a bit different.  It’s smaller.  Now I have always liked the block of the month club idea because they pick out the fabric for you.  Not that I don’t like picking out fabric, I do that quite well thank you, but I get distracted and pick out way too much.  Have you seen the cute quilt cottons out there lately?  And Moda…just to die-for quality!  So the idea of a little quilt sounds doable…something I may just tackle.

Tomorrow we head home.  I did get in 4 hours of lovely beach time this morning.  We had a very relaxing vacation and I am anxious to see the kitty girls again.  Hopefully they are settling in to the new home more by now.

Here’s a few pictures of today:

Morning on the beach:


My little piece of the action…or perhaps non-action is a better description.  I watched the birds, the little sand crab (I think he said his name was Andy) the families playing in the surf and walking by and  read a book for 4 hours there this morning.


The clouds rolled in this afternoon.  After just a few minutes on the beach the raindrops just got to be too much and the lightening in the distance made it wise to bid farewell to my little beach haven.


Farewell for another year, I linger and peer back over the dunes as I climb the stairs and head for our little house to wait out the rain, knowing it will be dark by the time it’s over and I will not be visiting the beach again this trip.



Ottobre Pants

Just finished pant number 20 from the 4/2009 version of Ottobre magazine.  These will be for DGS for second grade.

Ottopant1 . Pockets really have velcro under the buttons but the snap at the waist is real.  DH used tools from his workshop to hammer it on.  Hope he likes them!  Size 122.


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The Sisterhood of Those Who Sew

sisterhoodawardThis week Pam Erny of Off The Cuff nominated me for a Sewing Sister award.   Well, all I can say is what a privilege to be in the company of sewing sister’s like Pam!  Honestly, just about the only blogs I read are sewing related.  This has been such a busy week I am waaaay behind!  But, I am going to do my best to honor some of my fellow sewists who I enjoy reading.  Here are the guidelines of this award:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received your award.


That being said, I would like to nominate:

Marty – who doesn’t life’s little challenges hold her back.  She volunteers at her church in a sewing ministry she founded.  She will alter or mend for anyone as a gift to God.   I admire her generosity.

Anne – over at Bunny Tails who is incredibly talented and incredibly generous with her free block of the month.

Kristy of Lower your Presser Foot fame who accomplished an amazing amount of sewing while pregnant and having her home renovated.  She is one determined gal.  I can hardly wait to see her creations for the little one.

I also like reading Pam’s (Pam Kitty Morning) blog just because it’s fun.

Liana at Sew Intriguing master of the Marfy patterns.

Myrna at Creative Conversation.  I love the way she fearlessly tries new things…and lots of new things, and share so much of her thought process.


That’s it…

Now there are many more blogs I read and enjoy, but I am trying not to renominate the same folks as Pam, and I am trying to think just who really shows gratitude or attitude.  So…there you have my official list!   If I make it any longer I will never make this post.  So…I’m wrapping it up and punching the publish button!


Oh….and if you didn’t click on the link to Pam’s blog again you really must!  I know she is famous for her custom men’s shirts, but I really enjoy her delightful creations for her nieces.  You must run over and take a peek.  I promise, it will brighten your day.


Out With the Old, In With the New!

2008 has been the year of physical challenges.  I am currently typing with my right arm in a lovely elbow length cast (purple) and I’m sitting in the wheelchair I have to use since I fell off my crutches waiting for the post surgery knee to be ready for full out walking.  (Thank goodness for voice recognition software.) I can not tell you how much I am ready for the new! 

Being sewing deprived at the moment I decided I would dream about what I hope to accomplish in 2009…sewing wise.

  1. Sew more..I love the process.
  2. I plan to start by making a new winter coat as soon as I am decast!
  3. Learn to use the MacGen portion of Patternmaker.  Yes, I can run it, but I stumble and do and redo…I want to use it like second nature.
  4. Finish some projects waiting in the wings when the knee went bad:
    • A red leather purse from a skirt purchased at Goodwill.
    • My living room redo which includes drapes, pillows for the sofa and since my dining room adjoins, drapes and recovering the chair seats.  I have had the current drapes and chairs for 16 years…time for a fresh look.
  5. Whip up some cute tea towels using embroidery and sewn borders (I have a pattern).
  6. Finish my cute Burda skirt that was rendered UFO by this fall resulting in a fractured wrist.
  7. Make a spring and summer wardrobe before the season arrives so that I can actually wear it during the season.
  8. Resume the interrupted sewing lessons for DGD.

That is an ambitious list from where I sit right now, but I’m battling the no sewing stint by reading my sewing friend’s blogs, studying some of the books in my library, and perusing a new knitting book since I can’t manage a knitting needle right now either.

So my sewing friends, here’s to 2009.  May it be filled with satisfying sewing days which result in well fitting, much loved garments and other great projects.  May you use the stash steadily and never run out, refine your fit, stay ahead of the seasons, and create gifts that are both works of art and heart!


Someone is Reading What I Write!

Today I was utterly surprised to be nominated by Pam of the famous Off The Cuff Style blog for the Excellence in Blogging award.  You know, you write this stuff and you wonder if any one is interested.  It’s nice to see people are reading.  Thanks Pam for the encouragement!excellentblog   Pam shares such incredible tips and creations that it’s always nice to be able to claim some association. 🙂

So…the hard part, who can I nominate:  I read a wide variety of blogs.  Some you see on everyone’s blog roles, others are not so commonly found, but they all inspire me in one way or another.  So…here’s who I award the “E” for excellence in the blogosphere:

  • Pat Marie who writes Make it Sew.  Besides the nod to the Treckie universe she inspires me.  Pat is not afraid to try her hand at creative embellishment.  She has fun with it, but doesn’t go overboard.
  • Belinda at Sew-4-Fun clearly she does just that, makes her sewing fun, and real and shares freely.
  • Connecting the Dots with Astrid Thusgaard.  I ‘met’ Astrid on the Ottobre list.  I just love it that I have the opportunity to read the blog of a young mother from Denmark.  What a small world sewing is.  Astrid, thank you for writing in English.  I feel so embarrassed that I am an educated and seasoned woman but have only mastered one language well enough to communicate effectively.
  • Shermain Fouche’s Paris Street Chic is a gem.  Just her analysis of the dress form is worthy of this blog earning the Big E.
  • Sew Mama Sew a great collection of sewing gems collected by a group of young women who share freely, create enthusiastically and fearlessly make sewing just plane fun!

Wow Pam, this has been fun…just choosing my favorites.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Pay It Forward – Part 2

Yesterday after a challenging day at work and a long traffic filled ride home I was greeted by DH and presented with 2 packages.  The first wasPayitForward something I was expecting.  A box from a KnitPicks with needles that are cables and tips that are interchangeable and create different sizes of double pointed needles.  Since I didn’t order the whole kit I just had a few loose items.  The second package was from Teri.  Over a year ago she had posted a “pay it forward” challenge on her website.  I took the challenge.  She sent me a lovely gift!  It is a beautiful handmade silk bag and tissue holder. Since it had been awhile and in typical Internet fashion I did not know either Teri’s last name or her address I was stumped for a moment.  Then I saw the note on Hello Kitty note paper.  I knew instantly what it was at that point and exactly who Teri was!  Isn’t it delightful?

So..this is so much fun, I will issue the challenge again…anyone want to pay it forward?


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