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I’ve had the same old WordPress theme way too long. I need a fresh look. Just trying this on for size. I am supposed to be able to customize the background and the header. We’ll see. Stay tuned as I do a bit of experimenting. Don’t run away please, just because it does not look familiar.

I don’t know about you but I am so glad the weekend is here! I am a bit more mobile now and am enjoying an evening on the porch. I’m even doing a bit around the house. This evening I made a batch of home made ice cream for John (DH) in my Donvier freezer, now I know why that thing has been sitting in the cupboard so long. It does not stir well once the freezing starts at all, so we stirred with a spatula, the stiff kind you spread icing with. John had a big bowl, I had a small one with bananna, and we put the rest in the freezer. I think I’m going to wash that thing up and freecycle it. I love the principal of freecycle, I just hate dealing with all the no-shows and drama from those ‘not selected’.

I finished my cedar leaf shawlette last weekend and am now making the Issara Coat from the fall 2010 Twist Collective edition. Unfortunately, I think this lovely pattern has an error and I have found the author less than responsive for pattern support. Hope I hear back soon, because a weekend of sitting on the backside without busy hands is more than I can cope with!

Happy weekend, the kids may be going back to school, but the temperatures are still in the 100’s and sweltering, it is not fall yet! I don’t refuse to let summer go until I am cast and brace free and can romp a bit!


What’s new today

I’ve almost finished my ‘shawlette’.  I’m loving the leaf edging. 🙂

And…lots of yummy mags to read while I sit on my tooshie and try to heal.

Expecting the next Ottobre issue tomorrow in the mail.  From the chatter on the list it’s landing all around me.  Won’t be sewing but I will be browsing.

Also, the new Knitty is up.  Cute things….I see knitting in my near future.  Perhaps DH will take me to knitted bliss this weekend for a bit of shopping.  🙂

Love this scarf. Too bad I have no neck.

The sideways knitting on this cute sweater sure does hug the curves nicely.  Just wondering if I have too many curves?  It’s a maybe.

Totally cute skirt. But it’s going to need a slip.  Hmmm a knit skirt with hip measurement going up to 52.  Is that legal?  I guess if it’s not too tight it could be adorable in the right circumstance. I love it with tights.  But I’m seeing this on one of the skinny DD’s.

Well…back to knitting.  Perhaps I can finish that shawlette and get a photo up.  It’s going to be lovely!  My friend Mary Beth over at the Stitchery, co-sufferer of bad feet has tuned me into radio.  I am loving Ladies in Lavender by Joshua Bell.  (Classical Music)  I see it’s a sound track to a movie. I may be looking for it this weekend too.

Oh…one more thing.  I have joined twitter.  I’m not tweeting my own horn much, but I am following alot.  fittingtips is my twitter ID.

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Is It Brainstorming…or Just Overthinking?

Seems like whenever I have a lot of time on my hands, I come up with my best ideas.  I think I need space to think.  But then, maybe I just overthinkMC900442172 because not all ideas I have turn out to be that great.  I love trying new things, but I can be a dabler…not always a finisher.  I also think best with busy hands…heck, I do everything best with busy hands…I can’t just sit quietly with my hands in my lap, I have to be doing something.  Right now, because getting into the sewing room is virtually impossible, I’m knitting … and thinking.

Thinking about how much I love e-readers…but do I want the Kindle or the Nook? 

Thinking about how the things I really like to read have pictures…OK…maybe I have not outgrown picture books, but I love pretty magazines…remember the old Victoria Magazine, the Hearst publication?  Total eye candy…the new publication edited by Phyllis Hoffman is great, but somehow it’s still not my old Victoria.  And I love home dec magazines, and sewing magazines, quilting magazines, and knitting magazines…not to mention pretty picture loaded books.  So…I need an e-reader with color.  Is that an oxymoron with all the e-ink hype and such?  I’m not sure.

So…I’ve decided what I really need is an iPad.  I can run both the kindle and the nook apps as well as overdrive e-books from my local library.  I can also read PDF’s in color.  Or…Zinio…do you have an app?  Guess what..Sterling Publications and Curious George can both be found in Zinio books….not to mention the UK Version of Country Living if you want to pay $44/year…ummm…no thanks!  Wait!  Zinio does have an iphone app…and I’ll bet they wil have an ipad app soon too…and…color!  Now, to convince DH that I really do need an iPad!  Maybe if I promise to be real good…get the WiFi version, not the G3…Ok…I’ll think of something.

I’m also thinking about ‘what I want to be when I grow up’.  AKA  retire…I’m cooking up a new venture and it involves fiber!  It involves garments, it involves innovation.  Not ready to let the cat out of the bag yet, because it might also involve one of those fly by night ideas that’s off my plate nearly as fast as it got on.

Trip to Paradise

On Wednesday John and I flew out to visit his brother in Phoenix on our way yo Kauai Hawaii. I so enjoy Gloria as a sister-in-law and friend. It is a shame we don’t have more time to get to know each other better.
Thursday morning we were off to Kauai where we landed about 5pm local time. We are at tht Marriott beach resort,a beautiful hotel. The weather is lovely and I’m spending mornings on the beach and moving to the terrace or the gardens surrounding the koi ponds when the sun is high. With my inability to tan I simply can not be in the hot sun. It is so relaxing. What a shame you have to travel half way around the globe for such an opportunity.
The first picture is from my chaise on the beach. There are trees to provide light shade and a gentle breeze. The mountains tower over the harbor and I love to watch the paddle surfers. The scond picture is a view from the terrace. Sego palms surround the pool and beyond is another view of the mountains.
Yesterday I finished The Shack. I met several on the plane who were eager to discuss it, and a hawaian lady selling jewelry on the terrace who was reading it as well. It launches with a difficult start, but is an exceptional book full of surprises and thought challenging ideas. I have moved on now to Beth Moore’s So Long Insecurity and Liz Curtis Higgs latest novel Here burns my Candle. I have to swich ohh because I’m reading the Higgs novel on the kindle app on om iPhone. I love it, but it does not do well in full sun!
I’m seeing lots of kindled an i-pads around the pool but have not approached anyone to see how they are faring. I guess John is right, I am the gadget girl 🙂

Snowy Days

We had a snowstorm here in the Nashville area.  But we were prepared.  Just in case it was preceded by ice DH had stocked up on wood for the fireplace.  We didn’t need it, but he burned it all day in the fireplace on Friday while a telecommuted.  A very productive and relaxing day.Winter

We did get ice on top of snow.  That means snowmen and snowball fights are out.  We stayed inside and just relaxed.  Would that all weekends were like this.  Then this morning we ventured out to church.  There is a definite difference in the road care in our little county and that of Davidson/Metro Nashville.  We do a much better job!

I was reminded of my move to Nashville nearly 17 years ago.  We packed the u-haul in snow and drove through deepening snow from Topeka to just east of St. Louis where we stopped for the night.  It was just a girl friend and I and my two kitties.  Next morning we set out again in the snow which turned to rain as we reached Nashville.  On Friday morning we were at my new apartment and the rain held off long enough for the unloading that had been arranged on this end.

Saturday morning I got up to a light dusting of snow, my first experience with “Southern Snow” panic.  I had ordered a dryer from Sears and had arranged it to be delivered on Saturday.  I needed to do laundry as I had been packing for days before the move and had left my gas dryer in Topeka realizing I was going to need to make the swap to electric.  I had to leave for a week in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon and desperately needed clean clothes!  The delivery time came and went…no dryer. I called Sears.  “Mamm, I was told, we can not have our drivers out in such dangerous weather.”  I looked out the window to see a light dusting of snow with plenty of green grass still showing.  “But, it’s only a dusting, I said.  Can you deliver later today?”  “No”.  “When can you deliver? I asked.”  The response, “well, it depends on how long the dangerous weatherWinter2 lasts and how long it takes the driver to catch up.”  I hung up and howled!  Then, I proceeded to find a laundromat.  Of course I was the only one out and about even in my apartment complex so no problem finding plenty of empty washing machines.

I understand it a bit better now that I have lived in the south for the last 17 years come the first of March.  I have lost my ability to drive in snow from lack of practice.  DH, a northerner for many years, claims to still have his, but when riding with him I doubt his skill at times.  What I don’t understand are the school snow days.  They call off school here on the threat of snow that never happens….sometimes for days.  They say it’s too cold for children on busses.  Excuse me!  I was a child on the snowy high plains of Kansas in the winter and in all my years of school experienced one snow day!

But I love the pristine beauty of the unmarred snow which lasts much longer when people are afraid to go out in it.  And..I am coming around…in a not too long ago conversation with a friend in Chicago…”I hear you had snow.”  Me…”Yes, quite a bit, nearly an inch.”  Pause, then we both giggle…well…I am getting southernized after all!Winter3

I’ve finally figured it out

Ever wonder why some people have no trouble blogging regularly and others are sporadic?  Well I think after some leisure time last week to read posts I may have hit on something. 

  • Blogs with one topic, like a sewing bog get bogged down.  Not many people sew every day. 
  • Blogs that reflect the balance, or lack of balance in one’s life are probably more interesting, easier to relate to, and read a lot more like a soap opera or a sitcom than they do like ‘Pattern Review’.
  • When you have nothing else to write about…post your recipes and take pictures of your food.

Well, I do think I will allow my blog to become a larger reflection of Loretta, so if that offends you, you may need to unsubscribe me from your feed.  I will not however be posting recipes.  Nor will I be posting pictures of the Healthy Choice  boxes I microwave or the salad in a sack that I wash before eating….yes….every time.  I work in the world of public health by day….I know a lot about sanitation and microbiology…take my advise, wash the salad and wash it well whether it comes from a sack or you construct it yourself from the farm fresh ingredients.


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