2010 Goals

OK…I’m a goal driven gal.  Resolutions aren’t really the same thing in my mind.  Goals are achievable, resolutions are dreams.

This year my goals related to sewing are:

  • Sew from my stash fabric resource center.  I have a great deal of wonderful fabric, I need to use it before my tastes change or it develops a moth infestation, rots, etc.
  • Get rid of stashed fabrics that are no longer flattering to my skin or haircolor…nope…still remaining silver haired for 2010.  Or sew those fabrics into useable garments or accessories for grandchildren or daughters.
  • Learn to grade patterns and use that skill.
  • Create at least one draped garment for myself.
  • Sew regularly.
  • Finish all home dec projects for which I currently have fabric.
  • Loose weight, and sew as I go so that I have well fitting, weightloss motivating clothing.
  • Organize my newly inhabited sewing room.
  • Hang out with sewing friends more, maybe even organize one sew-in in my sparsely decorated livingroom.

Non sewing goals…

  • Do yoga or other flexibility exercises every day.
  • Work on my Bible study project.
  • Clean off my home office desk once a month and start over with the piles.

Yes, I know that is quite a list, but  I do think they are achievable goals.  I’m not disciplined enough to count yardage used and yardage purchased like some of you.  I just go in, grab a hunk of fabric and start the process.  This does not mean I will not purchase any fabric in 2010..that is completely unreasonable in my mind, but I need to get my stash whittled down to where I can store it all in either my sewing room or my ‘fabric storage closet’

  • Make soap regularly…yes, I love my home made soap and so does my family.
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Quilting…hmmm….maybe I can after I’m home from the beach

I’m fascinated with quilting, especially on a day like today.  I’m at the beach for vacation, it’s raining (again) and I have a sinus headache from all those barometric changes.  But as I sit here killing time catching up on my blogs…I discovered over on the Jolly Jabber that Fig Tree quilts will be sponsoring a block of the month club that’s a bit different.  It’s smaller.  Now I have always liked the block of the month club idea because they pick out the fabric for you.  Not that I don’t like picking out fabric, I do that quite well thank you, but I get distracted and pick out way too much.  Have you seen the cute quilt cottons out there lately?  And Moda…just to die-for quality!  So the idea of a little quilt sounds doable…something I may just tackle.

Tomorrow we head home.  I did get in 4 hours of lovely beach time this morning.  We had a very relaxing vacation and I am anxious to see the kitty girls again.  Hopefully they are settling in to the new home more by now.

Here’s a few pictures of today:

Morning on the beach:


My little piece of the action…or perhaps non-action is a better description.  I watched the birds, the little sand crab (I think he said his name was Andy) the families playing in the surf and walking by and  read a book for 4 hours there this morning.


The clouds rolled in this afternoon.  After just a few minutes on the beach the raindrops just got to be too much and the lightening in the distance made it wise to bid farewell to my little beach haven.


Farewell for another year, I linger and peer back over the dunes as I climb the stairs and head for our little house to wait out the rain, knowing it will be dark by the time it’s over and I will not be visiting the beach again this trip.



Someone is Reading What I Write!

Today I was utterly surprised to be nominated by Pam of the famous Off The Cuff Style blog for the Excellence in Blogging award.  You know, you write this stuff and you wonder if any one is interested.  It’s nice to see people are reading.  Thanks Pam for the encouragement!excellentblog   Pam shares such incredible tips and creations that it’s always nice to be able to claim some association. 🙂

So…the hard part, who can I nominate:  I read a wide variety of blogs.  Some you see on everyone’s blog roles, others are not so commonly found, but they all inspire me in one way or another.  So…here’s who I award the “E” for excellence in the blogosphere:

  • Pat Marie who writes Make it Sew.  Besides the nod to the Treckie universe she inspires me.  Pat is not afraid to try her hand at creative embellishment.  She has fun with it, but doesn’t go overboard.
  • Belinda at Sew-4-Fun clearly she does just that, makes her sewing fun, and real and shares freely.
  • Connecting the Dots with Astrid Thusgaard.  I ‘met’ Astrid on the Ottobre list.  I just love it that I have the opportunity to read the blog of a young mother from Denmark.  What a small world sewing is.  Astrid, thank you for writing in English.  I feel so embarrassed that I am an educated and seasoned woman but have only mastered one language well enough to communicate effectively.
  • Shermain Fouche’s Paris Street Chic is a gem.  Just her analysis of the dress form is worthy of this blog earning the Big E.
  • Sew Mama Sew a great collection of sewing gems collected by a group of young women who share freely, create enthusiastically and fearlessly make sewing just plane fun!

Wow Pam, this has been fun…just choosing my favorites.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Finally Sewing Again!

After a dry spell resulting from decreased mobility and then topped off by the currently circulating respiratory virus I had a package of silk fabrics set by my door untouched (I didn’t even peek) for a week. DH commented that he knew I was feeling badly. Well today I decided that I really could wrestle the cast up the stairs to the studio and opened the package. Some beautiful classic crepes are now in my stash resource center.  However, today was not the day to sew with silks.

I have spent the afternoon trimming patterns.  I’ve cut out the pieces for a scrub suit for DD of royal colored stretch poplin.  It will look great with her coloring but as this is the first scrub sewing I’ve done for her this will be a wearable (hopefully) muslin.  I’m using Simplicity 3542.  Some adjustments will need to be made….primarily dropping the waist to a lower than natural waistline, and I will probably use a drawstring elastic…just for added security.  Once I finally get to work on this it should go together quickly.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can see how this cast handles the sewing machine foot feed.  🙂

I also cut a muslin of a dress for myself.  I’ve had a piece for at least 2 years that came from a coop purchase that is cut and ready to sew up.  This paimagerticular dress is also a Simplicity (3775).  I am basically making view F but in the short skirt version as at 5″ tall and plenty wide I don’t need a ballet length making me look any frumpier.  I also elected to cut the gathered overlay only on the front midriff.  I could probably have squeezed it out of the yardage but didn’t feel like working that hard and I think this is fine for the test and will be perfectly wearable if the dress is.  A quick check against my Jalie TT tee top  shows the sleeve should be fine as is and I did lengthen the front bodice on the bust curve slightly just for a bit of an FBA.

So….that’s about all I could handle for one day, but it was good to be fondling fabric again and I will hopefully have an update to post tomorrow.

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Hey Hey We’re the Monkeys!

Burp ClothsOK, you need a few years on you to appreciate that one.  But those of us joining the grandmother set have friends having grandchildren and thus showers to attend.  I have a friend with a daughter having a shower for a child who’s sex is yet unknown.  She likes green….so I obliged.  I whipped up 2 soft flannel recieving blankets in a sturdy flanel 45″ square.  Receiving blanketsBig enough to really use.  These are very simply made…cut the square, use a saucer to curve the corners, serge.  I threaded my serger with Metlock in the needle, wooly nylon in the lower looper and the smallest pearl cotton I could find in the upper looper.  I set the stitches close together and did a wide 3 thread overlock.  Turned out beautiful and soft.  Almost looks like a narrow satin binding.  Then, my favorite, in the singing monkey flannel, burp cloths.  I just improvised a nice “dog bone” shape that would lie on the shoulder.  Backed the flannel with a nice plushy terrycloth to absorb well and serged again.  Mom-to-be has a nice off beat sense of humor and I  think she will enjoy these much more than something that smaks of pink, or blue or baby mint green.  Sewing time:  30 minutes.  We’re to busy sewing……..layetteThe Gift Assortment

Oh How I Love Shoes!

Victoria and Albert ShoesCalling all budding designers.  How would you like to have your shoe designs brought to the attention of Jimmy Choo?  The Victoria and Albert Museum is hosting a shoe designing contest.  I have always had a passion for shoes.  Perhaps I will put my creative energies into this contest….wish the prize was a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, but I will have to settle for a post on the V&A website…sigh.

Now, I wonder, are they looking for fab and over the top no matter how much pain is involved in the wearing, or can I throw in just a few “comfortable shoes” features as I design this fabulous footwear?  Perhaps I will submit my design to Clark’s as a branch of thier new Artisan Collection as well.  LOL

And, for all you fashionista’s out there:  send a couture e-card to your friends from the Victoria and Albert Museum site.  Ohh..Ohh…somebody send me one.  I just love fashion mail!

A Day at the Quilt Show

My friend Cathy who is my longest standing sewing buddy here in Nashville sent an e-mail suggesting we get together and see the exhibit hall of the AQS quilt show.  We had 3 hours to cover the giant hall.  What a great day!  Even though we aren’t really quilters we got a good creative shot in the arm.

Right away I was in heaven when I discovered marbled fabric created with ink and shaving cream.  I had to have the “kit”.  This will serve me well for both fiber crafts and rubber stamping crafts on paper.  I can’t open it this weekend because I have a sewing favor to finish for a friend (a bridesmaid dress…groan)  but once I finish it I will break out the kit and play!  Stay tuned for samples.

My second purchase was a great little plastic chest.  It reminds me of the vintage tread chests, in sturdy opaque plastic.  Since I have been working on an organizing strategy for the various items in my sewing room this is the perfect addition.  I also picked up some new magazine files at IKEA this week so I am going to separate my “Threads” from my “Burdas”.  Well..obviously this is a digression from the quilt show…but I feel the need to organize before I create.

Random ideas I don’t want to forget:

Virtual Sewing

I’m spending 10 days in Atlanta for the “day job”.  I really need a sewing fix but no machine here in the hotel room (possible mistake since I drove down) so I went idea shopping.  Decatur has some wonderful boutique shops.  Many items are imported so the sizes are unrealistic for me to consider buying (size large with a 36 in bust and hips…I kid you not!) but the ideas are fab.  Here are some of my favorite:

Lovely silk jackets…Dupioni silk…with stenciled geometric shapes.  I believe the stenciling was with a dye as it did not have an effect on the hand of the fabric…made in China.

Items from India…many raw edged trims in light weight chiffon or mesh knits.  A fabulous take on the twist top as a wrap around dress…think twist at the side waist.

A shop called the squash blossom where I purchased a pair of bobbi blu shoes to die for. These will require a lovely skirt to show them off properly.  Also seen were a Jacki O 60’s style faux fur leopard jacket with 3/4 sleeves…very chic.  A vest with insets of cable knitting…unique and getting my juices flowing again for an article proposal I have been intending to work up for a couple of years.  Peruvian knits in tunics.  Tunic tops with a kimono sleeve and a low cut neckline with camisoles or a long sleeved tee under neath.  These were knitted.  But I see sewn versions in my future.

Oh…and I must brag…Sew Stylish has reprinted my article “Sew Clothes that Keep on Fitting” in the fall issue.  I just love seeing my name in print!  Perhaps I’m a bit of an exibitionist.


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