Trip to Paradise

On Wednesday John and I flew out to visit his brother in Phoenix on our way yo Kauai Hawaii. I so enjoy Gloria as a sister-in-law and friend. It is a shame we don’t have more time to get to know each other better.
Thursday morning we were off to Kauai where we landed about 5pm local time. We are at tht Marriott beach resort,a beautiful hotel. The weather is lovely and I’m spending mornings on the beach and moving to the terrace or the gardens surrounding the koi ponds when the sun is high. With my inability to tan I simply can not be in the hot sun. It is so relaxing. What a shame you have to travel half way around the globe for such an opportunity.
The first picture is from my chaise on the beach. There are trees to provide light shade and a gentle breeze. The mountains tower over the harbor and I love to watch the paddle surfers. The scond picture is a view from the terrace. Sego palms surround the pool and beyond is another view of the mountains.
Yesterday I finished The Shack. I met several on the plane who were eager to discuss it, and a hawaian lady selling jewelry on the terrace who was reading it as well. It launches with a difficult start, but is an exceptional book full of surprises and thought challenging ideas. I have moved on now to Beth Moore’s So Long Insecurity and Liz Curtis Higgs latest novel Here burns my Candle. I have to swich ohh because I’m reading the Higgs novel on the kindle app on om iPhone. I love it, but it does not do well in full sun!
I’m seeing lots of kindled an i-pads around the pool but have not approached anyone to see how they are faring. I guess John is right, I am the gadget girl 🙂


Quilting…hmmm….maybe I can after I’m home from the beach

I’m fascinated with quilting, especially on a day like today.  I’m at the beach for vacation, it’s raining (again) and I have a sinus headache from all those barometric changes.  But as I sit here killing time catching up on my blogs…I discovered over on the Jolly Jabber that Fig Tree quilts will be sponsoring a block of the month club that’s a bit different.  It’s smaller.  Now I have always liked the block of the month club idea because they pick out the fabric for you.  Not that I don’t like picking out fabric, I do that quite well thank you, but I get distracted and pick out way too much.  Have you seen the cute quilt cottons out there lately?  And Moda…just to die-for quality!  So the idea of a little quilt sounds doable…something I may just tackle.

Tomorrow we head home.  I did get in 4 hours of lovely beach time this morning.  We had a very relaxing vacation and I am anxious to see the kitty girls again.  Hopefully they are settling in to the new home more by now.

Here’s a few pictures of today:

Morning on the beach:


My little piece of the action…or perhaps non-action is a better description.  I watched the birds, the little sand crab (I think he said his name was Andy) the families playing in the surf and walking by and  read a book for 4 hours there this morning.


The clouds rolled in this afternoon.  After just a few minutes on the beach the raindrops just got to be too much and the lightening in the distance made it wise to bid farewell to my little beach haven.


Farewell for another year, I linger and peer back over the dunes as I climb the stairs and head for our little house to wait out the rain, knowing it will be dark by the time it’s over and I will not be visiting the beach again this trip.



View outside my window

Today is the second day of our annual golf/beach vacation.  Yesterday we played golf at Timber Trails golf course in beautiful Dauphne, AL.  After a long year of struggling with the knee I was able to play the front 9 and then chose to play just one 4 par and 2 3par holes on the back.  I got my usual poor score but enjoyed the time with DH, the beautiful course and a few good drives…some of my best ever.

Last night we arrived at our usual rental house in Kiva Dunes (Ft. Morgan).  We rent a pretty little 1 bedroom home on the 8th tee I believe it is.  We had a late night swim in the pool all by ourselves and DH was off early this morning to an Arnold Palmer course he was looking forward to playing for the first time.  I was off early to the beach where my lawn chairs and umbrella awaited.  But after a mere 45 minutes sprinkles began to fall.  I have waited out a shower or twoview under my umbrella on the beach before but a quick check of the radar on my iphone indicated this would be more than a quick shower.  I headed in.  This is the view outside my window just now.

But…not to fear, I am sitting here, patio making a quick blog entry, listening to music on my iphone and will tackle my knitting if it doesn’t clear soon.  But hopefully this afternoon I will be back enjoying the beach.  As for DH….well, he is not usually daunted by the rain so I am sure he going to finish at least 18 holes before I see him again.


Ottobre Pants

Just finished pant number 20 from the 4/2009 version of Ottobre magazine.  These will be for DGS for second grade.

Ottopant1 . Pockets really have velcro under the buttons but the snap at the waist is real.  DH used tools from his workshop to hammer it on.  Hope he likes them!  Size 122.


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Instructional Design and the 6 Year Old Sewist

My 6yo DGS loves to sew.  We have already zipped up a pillow for his bed and he wanted to make pajama pants. 

DGS likes to sew, and he likes to sew FAST!  He also likes doing something I tell him is hard.  He is great at figuring out how things work and so if he sees it  done a time or two and figures it out on his own he likes it much better than if you tell him directly how something is done.

To make the pants I traced around a Kwik Sew (2604 with the legs lengthened) pattern with a piece of chalk right on the back of the flannel.  The flannel stuck together nicely and so he could cut it out without the PJshelp of pins.  It worked great and when I let him use the ‘big scissors’ (aka my KAI shears – purchased from Bobbi Bullard) he cut an amazingly straight line.

I  then pinned the seams using my big old quilting pins.  I placed a big chunk of blue painter’s tape on the 5/8 mark on my sewing machine bed.  I told him that he could sew as fast as he wanted (of course I had the sew slow button pushed on my Pfaff 7570) as long as he kept his hands in front of the needle, he kept the fabric even with the blue tape, and he pulled out any pins before he sewed over them.  I told him this would be very hard.  And, if he ran over any pins and broke them he would have to throw the pins away and I would have to take over the sewing.  I stressed that sewing over pins was dangerous as we might get one in our eye, and besides…I was sure he would be as good at stopping as he was going fast, because after all, he was a very good sewing machine driver.  We only went over 1 pin in the whole construction process and when we did we stopped and talked about how glad we both were that it did not break and we didn’t hurt our eyes.

After the seams were sewn we went to the serger.  Yes…I let the boy serge around the waist.  I did the serging on the pant legs.  He was great at keeping the fabric right against the knife.  I did not let him cut any off.

Then, I pinned in the casing and the hems.  The casing sewing was easy because I put a pin laying down in the “hole” we were leaving and told him to stop before he got to it, he did.  He also figured out how to use both the back stitch and the stitch in place button successfully after seeing me do both one time.

for the hems we just folded up the serged edge 1/2 inch and put the pant leg on the free arm.  He successfully kept the edge of the presser foot pretty straight on the hem.  We didn’t have to fix any missed pieces although I am glad we were not using the black thread he wanted to use.  I told him black thread could only be used by experts and he would have to practice a bit first.  This was only after he refused to accept my explanation about matching thread.  After all, the pirate monkeys in the print did have black hats!

Skills I successfully described as advanced included using my duckbilled scissors and using a seam ripper.

Contrary to good sewing technique, we did not press any seams.  I trust that boy a lot more with the sewing machine than I do the iron.  I also ran the elastic through the casing because he had a hard time with that task.  Once finished, he put them on, modeled them for grandpa, and declared that he was smarter than any boy in his class because he could sew!  I of course, being a very proud grandma, agreed!

Writing on the Wall

Our church is moving.  We have purchased a former Media Play building and are Wall2in the process of remodeling it.  At the stage of drywall on one side of the wall we were invited to write prayers and scriptures onto the walls.  Yes, it will be inside, but we will know it is there.  My grandchildren thought this was fabulous fun!  Truthfully, I was pleased to add my favorite verses as well.  The occasion caused me to pause and realize how grateful I am.  In the last 6 years, it’s almost our anniversary, I have acquired a husband, 3 beautiful daughters (inside and out) and 5 wonderful grandchildren.  All my grandchildren are being brought up to know and worship the writting-on-the-wallLORD.  Yes…I am blessed! 

Look how he is stretching up…I think writing high on the wall makes you feel older!

I love being a grandma!

The last few days have been filled with grandmotherly opportunities.  On Wednesday we attended the kindergarden graduation of one of our grandsons.  Kindergarden graduation in the south is a real event!  The 6 year olds marched into the gym wearing full caps and gowns to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance.  After a song to demonstrate their musical talents the stuents marched accrss the field as thier names were called and accepted thier diploma from the teacher.  Afterwards we celebrated with a trip to the graduate’s favorite resturant…Cracker Barrel, where he showed off his 6″ Graduate button and his autograph graduate cap wearing dauchaund.

Saturday was filled with family.  3 DD and families which include 3 6yo DGS, 1 9yo DGS and 1 12 going on 20 DGD.  The day was filled with fun which included swimming in the hot tub (yes, 6 yo boys can turn summersaults and do cannonballs in a 4 person hot tub!), water ballon fights – which included DDs and many games of “baseball”, soccer, and football.  We picniced in the yard and even had a birthday party for one of the DGS.  At 10pm we fell into bet exahusted.

At 6am we were up and running packing the car.  We left Nashville for Valdosta, GA on our way to Disney world with DD #1 and family which includes 2 DGS.  We are now looking forward to 7 days of fun in Florida and our day will begin again tomorrow at 6am.  I am sure I will return home one tired but happy grandma!  I’m having a blast!



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