Someone is Reading What I Write!

Today I was utterly surprised to be nominated by Pam of the famous Off The Cuff Style blog for the Excellence in Blogging award.  You know, you write this stuff and you wonder if any one is interested.  It’s nice to see people are reading.  Thanks Pam for the encouragement!excellentblog   Pam shares such incredible tips and creations that it’s always nice to be able to claim some association. 🙂

So…the hard part, who can I nominate:  I read a wide variety of blogs.  Some you see on everyone’s blog roles, others are not so commonly found, but they all inspire me in one way or another.  So…here’s who I award the “E” for excellence in the blogosphere:

  • Pat Marie who writes Make it Sew.  Besides the nod to the Treckie universe she inspires me.  Pat is not afraid to try her hand at creative embellishment.  She has fun with it, but doesn’t go overboard.
  • Belinda at Sew-4-Fun clearly she does just that, makes her sewing fun, and real and shares freely.
  • Connecting the Dots with Astrid Thusgaard.  I ‘met’ Astrid on the Ottobre list.  I just love it that I have the opportunity to read the blog of a young mother from Denmark.  What a small world sewing is.  Astrid, thank you for writing in English.  I feel so embarrassed that I am an educated and seasoned woman but have only mastered one language well enough to communicate effectively.
  • Shermain Fouche’s Paris Street Chic is a gem.  Just her analysis of the dress form is worthy of this blog earning the Big E.
  • Sew Mama Sew a great collection of sewing gems collected by a group of young women who share freely, create enthusiastically and fearlessly make sewing just plane fun!

Wow Pam, this has been fun…just choosing my favorites.  Thanks for the opportunity.



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