Is It Brainstorming…or Just Overthinking?

Seems like whenever I have a lot of time on my hands, I come up with my best ideas.  I think I need space to think.  But then, maybe I just overthinkMC900442172 because not all ideas I have turn out to be that great.  I love trying new things, but I can be a dabler…not always a finisher.  I also think best with busy hands…heck, I do everything best with busy hands…I can’t just sit quietly with my hands in my lap, I have to be doing something.  Right now, because getting into the sewing room is virtually impossible, I’m knitting … and thinking.

Thinking about how much I love e-readers…but do I want the Kindle or the Nook? 

Thinking about how the things I really like to read have pictures…OK…maybe I have not outgrown picture books, but I love pretty magazines…remember the old Victoria Magazine, the Hearst publication?  Total eye candy…the new publication edited by Phyllis Hoffman is great, but somehow it’s still not my old Victoria.  And I love home dec magazines, and sewing magazines, quilting magazines, and knitting magazines…not to mention pretty picture loaded books.  So…I need an e-reader with color.  Is that an oxymoron with all the e-ink hype and such?  I’m not sure.

So…I’ve decided what I really need is an iPad.  I can run both the kindle and the nook apps as well as overdrive e-books from my local library.  I can also read PDF’s in color.  Or…Zinio…do you have an app?  Guess what..Sterling Publications and Curious George can both be found in Zinio books….not to mention the UK Version of Country Living if you want to pay $44/year…ummm…no thanks!  Wait!  Zinio does have an iphone app…and I’ll bet they wil have an ipad app soon too…and…color!  Now, to convince DH that I really do need an iPad!  Maybe if I promise to be real good…get the WiFi version, not the G3…Ok…I’ll think of something.

I’m also thinking about ‘what I want to be when I grow up’.  AKA  retire…I’m cooking up a new venture and it involves fiber!  It involves garments, it involves innovation.  Not ready to let the cat out of the bag yet, because it might also involve one of those fly by night ideas that’s off my plate nearly as fast as it got on.


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