The Other Side of My Life

OK…many of you know me as a woman who enjoys sewing, a grandmother, and perhaps a gardener.  Well, I have a ‘day job’ and in that position I design learning for scientists.  It used to be all kinds of learning, now it’s primarily e-learning.  I work in a very rigid work environment.  In fact, over time the rigidity had grown.  Our environment used to be a bit more self directed and we had a certain sense of autonomy to create.  It was a very successful and productive group.  A few years ago management decided we could be ‘improved’ by centralization which essentially sucked all the self autonomy and most opportunities for creativity out our our daily work.  In my opinion, and that of most of my coworkers, it’s not going well.  The objective of management was increased revenue, I am not privy to the numbers, but from the reactions of management I suspect that is not happening either.  Could it be that the ‘scientists’ forgot to look at the science behind the organization and what the change would portend? Check this out. <a href="

I think he makes his case.


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