Trip to Paradise

On Wednesday John and I flew out to visit his brother in Phoenix on our way yo Kauai Hawaii. I so enjoy Gloria as a sister-in-law and friend. It is a shame we don’t have more time to get to know each other better.
Thursday morning we were off to Kauai where we landed about 5pm local time. We are at tht Marriott beach resort,a beautiful hotel. The weather is lovely and I’m spending mornings on the beach and moving to the terrace or the gardens surrounding the koi ponds when the sun is high. With my inability to tan I simply can not be in the hot sun. It is so relaxing. What a shame you have to travel half way around the globe for such an opportunity.
The first picture is from my chaise on the beach. There are trees to provide light shade and a gentle breeze. The mountains tower over the harbor and I love to watch the paddle surfers. The scond picture is a view from the terrace. Sego palms surround the pool and beyond is another view of the mountains.
Yesterday I finished The Shack. I met several on the plane who were eager to discuss it, and a hawaian lady selling jewelry on the terrace who was reading it as well. It launches with a difficult start, but is an exceptional book full of surprises and thought challenging ideas. I have moved on now to Beth Moore’s So Long Insecurity and Liz Curtis Higgs latest novel Here burns my Candle. I have to swich ohh because I’m reading the Higgs novel on the kindle app on om iPhone. I love it, but it does not do well in full sun!
I’m seeing lots of kindled an i-pads around the pool but have not approached anyone to see how they are faring. I guess John is right, I am the gadget girl 🙂


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