Rainy Weekend

 rainstormIt rained all day yesterday, it is raining today.  Nashville is not faring well.  We are south of Nashville but church was cancelled this morning due to I-24 being shut down.  I understand there were hundreds of cars and trucks stranded and a portable school building which had floated onto the highway.  We were fortunate that it calmed a bit last night and much of the standing water in our yard had drained off but this afternoon it is on again with a vengeance.  Here are a couple of shots of a normally tiny and dry drainage ditch near the back of our property.  I tried to get video but it didn’t work well.  This is fast running water.  It would wipe you right down the hill.  We did loose power briefly yesterday.  So far so good, but there is one major substation under water and on fire in west Nashville right now.  They say the fire will burn out soon because of the oil in transformers that will soon burn off. Good thing, there are tanker semi’s floating down toward it too.  We are setting records as I type and I am so thankful for a nice dry house with a good french drain system.



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  1. Mary Beth
    May 02, 2010 @ 13:27:58

    OMG, it’s wild out there. Thank the Lord for that wonderful husband’s hard work in making sure the drainage around the house was good and that you are OK so far!!! Let’s hope that the evening’s rains will not inundate your systems.

    We’ve been so lucky to just be on the edge of this storm today so far although we had a river in the back this morning. Three and a half inches is nothing in comparison.


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