Snowy Days

We had a snowstorm here in the Nashville area.  But we were prepared.  Just in case it was preceded by ice DH had stocked up on wood for the fireplace.  We didn’t need it, but he burned it all day in the fireplace on Friday while a telecommuted.  A very productive and relaxing day.Winter

We did get ice on top of snow.  That means snowmen and snowball fights are out.  We stayed inside and just relaxed.  Would that all weekends were like this.  Then this morning we ventured out to church.  There is a definite difference in the road care in our little county and that of Davidson/Metro Nashville.  We do a much better job!

I was reminded of my move to Nashville nearly 17 years ago.  We packed the u-haul in snow and drove through deepening snow from Topeka to just east of St. Louis where we stopped for the night.  It was just a girl friend and I and my two kitties.  Next morning we set out again in the snow which turned to rain as we reached Nashville.  On Friday morning we were at my new apartment and the rain held off long enough for the unloading that had been arranged on this end.

Saturday morning I got up to a light dusting of snow, my first experience with “Southern Snow” panic.  I had ordered a dryer from Sears and had arranged it to be delivered on Saturday.  I needed to do laundry as I had been packing for days before the move and had left my gas dryer in Topeka realizing I was going to need to make the swap to electric.  I had to leave for a week in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon and desperately needed clean clothes!  The delivery time came and went…no dryer. I called Sears.  “Mamm, I was told, we can not have our drivers out in such dangerous weather.”  I looked out the window to see a light dusting of snow with plenty of green grass still showing.  “But, it’s only a dusting, I said.  Can you deliver later today?”  “No”.  “When can you deliver? I asked.”  The response, “well, it depends on how long the dangerous weatherWinter2 lasts and how long it takes the driver to catch up.”  I hung up and howled!  Then, I proceeded to find a laundromat.  Of course I was the only one out and about even in my apartment complex so no problem finding plenty of empty washing machines.

I understand it a bit better now that I have lived in the south for the last 17 years come the first of March.  I have lost my ability to drive in snow from lack of practice.  DH, a northerner for many years, claims to still have his, but when riding with him I doubt his skill at times.  What I don’t understand are the school snow days.  They call off school here on the threat of snow that never happens….sometimes for days.  They say it’s too cold for children on busses.  Excuse me!  I was a child on the snowy high plains of Kansas in the winter and in all my years of school experienced one snow day!

But I love the pristine beauty of the unmarred snow which lasts much longer when people are afraid to go out in it.  And..I am coming around…in a not too long ago conversation with a friend in Chicago…”I hear you had snow.”  Me…”Yes, quite a bit, nearly an inch.”  Pause, then we both giggle…well…I am getting southernized after all!Winter3


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Keely
    Jan 31, 2010 @ 16:25:20

    LOL, the same happens in my hometown. An inch or two of snow and everything comes to a stop. It only happens once or twice a year so nobody really knows how to handle it. We’ve had plenty of comments from tourists (usually from the US and used to much worse) about being softies. The highlight was a few years ago when it was relatively bad and the local radio dj expanded the cancellations and non-essential travel warnings to announce that the whole city was closed. Everyone was glad to comply. 🙂


  2. teri
    Jan 31, 2010 @ 17:24:13

    our district has never called off school due to low temps, however, there has been talk of it because most children do not have the proper clothing. when you live some place like the plain states, you have winter coats, hats, gloves, boots, etc. if you live in the south, it is possible to get thru the winter with a little more than a fleece jacket. when boys were little, and growing quickly, i never invested a great deal of money in serious winter gear but there were some winters where it never got used.

    in our town, i see children arriving to school in seriously ill-suited clothing, not because they refuse to wear a jacket, but because the jacket they are wearing is honestly the warmest thing they own.

    i often try to make a bunch of fleece mittens & hats for the school social worker to hand out. families who are struggling to put dinner on the table cannot afford proper winter gear when it is not needed on a regular basis.


    • fittingtips
      Jan 31, 2010 @ 18:22:37

      Nashville is incredibly bad about this. I see the mothers suffering real hardships with days of work missed at times. So glad I am not raising children with this to deal with…especially hard on the single moms.

      I do see your point Teri about the heavy coats, but I think the parents get even further behind when they loose days of work on end. I say pile on the sweaters, send those kids to school where they can get a hot lunch. Here in Nashville, the cold often is shorter lived than the school closings.


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