Quilting…hmmm….maybe I can after I’m home from the beach

I’m fascinated with quilting, especially on a day like today.  I’m at the beach for vacation, it’s raining (again) and I have a sinus headache from all those barometric changes.  But as I sit here killing time catching up on my blogs…I discovered over on the Jolly Jabber that Fig Tree quilts will be sponsoring a block of the month club that’s a bit different.  It’s smaller.  Now I have always liked the block of the month club idea because they pick out the fabric for you.  Not that I don’t like picking out fabric, I do that quite well thank you, but I get distracted and pick out way too much.  Have you seen the cute quilt cottons out there lately?  And Moda…just to die-for quality!  So the idea of a little quilt sounds doable…something I may just tackle.

Tomorrow we head home.  I did get in 4 hours of lovely beach time this morning.  We had a very relaxing vacation and I am anxious to see the kitty girls again.  Hopefully they are settling in to the new home more by now.

Here’s a few pictures of today:

Morning on the beach:


My little piece of the action…or perhaps non-action is a better description.  I watched the birds, the little sand crab (I think he said his name was Andy) the families playing in the surf and walking by and  read a book for 4 hours there this morning.


The clouds rolled in this afternoon.  After just a few minutes on the beach the raindrops just got to be too much and the lightening in the distance made it wise to bid farewell to my little beach haven.


Farewell for another year, I linger and peer back over the dunes as I climb the stairs and head for our little house to wait out the rain, knowing it will be dark by the time it’s over and I will not be visiting the beach again this trip.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lala Hutch
    Sep 23, 2009 @ 09:19:39

    I just found you via the pattern making group on Yahoo. Looking forward to catching up on all your blogs.

    These photos are fantastic. The next to the last one could be an inspiration for an oil painting.


  2. fittingtips
    Oct 08, 2009 @ 19:19:24

    Thank you Lala, just taken with my iphone. If you paint a picture, I’d love to see it! My mother painted, and I used to paint a bit but I dream more than paint now.


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