View outside my window

Today is the second day of our annual golf/beach vacation.  Yesterday we played golf at Timber Trails golf course in beautiful Dauphne, AL.  After a long year of struggling with the knee I was able to play the front 9 and then chose to play just one 4 par and 2 3par holes on the back.  I got my usual poor score but enjoyed the time with DH, the beautiful course and a few good drives…some of my best ever.

Last night we arrived at our usual rental house in Kiva Dunes (Ft. Morgan).  We rent a pretty little 1 bedroom home on the 8th tee I believe it is.  We had a late night swim in the pool all by ourselves and DH was off early this morning to an Arnold Palmer course he was looking forward to playing for the first time.  I was off early to the beach where my lawn chairs and umbrella awaited.  But after a mere 45 minutes sprinkles began to fall.  I have waited out a shower or twoview under my umbrella on the beach before but a quick check of the radar on my iphone indicated this would be more than a quick shower.  I headed in.  This is the view outside my window just now.

But…not to fear, I am sitting here, patio making a quick blog entry, listening to music on my iphone and will tackle my knitting if it doesn’t clear soon.  But hopefully this afternoon I will be back enjoying the beach.  As for DH….well, he is not usually daunted by the rain so I am sure he going to finish at least 18 holes before I see him again.



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