Like Fine Wine

When we first saw our new home we noticed the wine cellar that had beenfine-wine created under the stairway to the bonus room.  Dark, climate controlled and in my mind, just the absolute perfect place for storing fabric.  DH kindly removed the cross members which held the bottles.  I lined the wooden shelves so the wood, would not come into contact with my fabrics.  The wood had been sanded quite smooth and finished but I just can not risk some of my fabrics.  So, I began this afternoon to unpack boxes, refold and compartmentalize my fabrics, mostly by color.  It will be so easy to see what colors I have on hand and so nice to know that what is safely tucked away under our stairs is of a very fine vintage!

The rest of my much smaller sewing space is beginning to take shape.  All my machines are now moved into the room following a frantic search for the serger which had mistakenly been placed on a high shelf in the garage.  The double door closet will be transformed by DH from one hanging shelf to a full wall of shelves and he will build me a cutting/ironing table with storage there as well.  But in the meantime, I could sew.  You just never know when you will be overcome by an irresistible urge to whip up a new garment, or if the need for a quick bit of mending will arise.

It is a bit ironic, that I have left behind my drapery cutting table and now live in a home devoid of all window coverings…but I will manage.  I see lush drapes for the bedroom, simple pleated drapes for the living room and a relaxed roman or two on bathroom and office windows.  Undecided yet is what will grace the dining room, my sewing room and the guest bedroom.  I think at this time the sunroom windows will remain just what they are…glorious portals for sun or storm (and besides, they have sun film already applied.)

Ahh….it’s starting to feel like home!



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