It’s the Cat’s Meow

I have taken a hiatus from sewing because life got in the way.  I went off to Little Rock to be with my nephew who just got a very successful kidney transplant.  I tell you, it was like a miracle unfolding before our very eyes and a young man now has a new lease on life.

But this week, I had to sew…actually I started this last weekend.  For some CatCavetime now I have had a Simplicity pattern (now OOP)  for making a pet bed.  This is a round ball like cave…just the sort of thing that kitties crave.  As a matter of fact, both mine just love it.  Making the thing, on the other hand…was not such a fun project. 

The outer shell is an inexpensive, knit back faux fur.  The inner shell is a knit microfiber suede that is a lot more lime green than it appears in the photo.  It is cute.  You cut 2 layers of the inner shell…I cut 1 of green suede and 1 of muslin, and sew pockets to insert 3/4″ foam cut to shape.  That was not too bad until I tried to insert the curved pieces in the front sections….it is narrow at the fullest sides of the circle and even my tiny hands (size 4.5 ring) will not fit through…so it was shove and pull…one piece of foam is now 2 pieces, and I have NO fingernails.  You run a piece of 16 gauge wire in the channel of the front opening for support.  DH helped me manhandle the 18 gauge wire I found in the jewelry section of JoAnn’s and we got it done.

The best part…the lime microfiber is a wadder recycled….sometimes I skip the muslin and usually I am sorry….no muslin for the cat cave.  And it is adorable…at least the Kitties, DH and I think so….

On the cutting table now:  Hot Patterns 1002 and Simplicity 2697.  Hope to finish at least one of them tomorrow.

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  1. Gwen
    May 23, 2009 @ 06:02:19

    That’s wonderful news about your nephew. I know your family is much relieved. If not for modern medicine, my husband would not have the 9 lives he’s been living for a few years. Have fun sewing!


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