A Pretty Good Shoe for Walking on One Leg

Earlier in the week I had some work done on my knee.  I won’t go into the details but it was as we discovered during surgery long over due.  The result of this is 6 weeks of walking on crutches, bearing no weight on the ‘repaired’ leg.Dansko2   This means I’m pretty much confined to the house since we have no way to enter or exit without doing stairs and right now that is a significant challenge.  As my arms strengthen, I am sure it will get easier.  Also, the other knee hurts (probably needs 2-3 of the procedures done on the right one) and I am dealing with an on-going case of plantar faciitis.  I have been wearing a nice pair of dansko clog sandals all summer but as fall turns brisk and beautiful I need a bit more on my feet…even inside much of the time.  I also needed something to support the foot and to be light enough in weight that I was not stressing the ‘good’ leg and foot any more than need be.  Dansko to the rescue again.  My secret weapon is the outlet section.  I have ordered more than one pair of shoes from the outlet and have yet to identify the “blemish” as one that made the shoes not worth the significant discount.  I ordered the New Generation Courtney in nubuck leather.  They are slightly sporty and since this type of shoe normally looks so clunky, sporty can be a good compromise.  The fit is a little larger than some of the shoes but that works for me…especially with these furry microfiber socks which can easily go under the blankets as I repeatedly ice the knee.  Not exactly a fashion statement, but mission accomplished and they will be wearable for casual wear later (Dansko’s seem to last forever) if I don’t wear out the left one before I ever put the right one on! 

Dansko1 So…even though I am not strolling down the street enjoying our lovely fall color or sprinting off to do an errand.  I am stocked with a pile of good books, a knitted sweater that needs finishing and perhaps I can coax someone to brave the sewing room and bring some project that can be done by hand down from upstairs.  And I am able to motivate to the windows to look out and enjoy the lovely fall day and look forward to 6 weeks from now…whoo hoo….I’m gonna dance down those steps and out of the house for lunch with a friend, a trip to the library, and who knows…maybe I will check out the quilt store over in Franklin I have never visited.  LOL!  Loretta


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arzate
    Nov 28, 2008 @ 13:16:59

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing


  2. Susan D.
    Dec 07, 2008 @ 20:59:03

    I enjoyed reading about your shoe choice and confinement in general. How are you doing now? Healing well I hope. Not too much longer before you can be “sprung.”


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