Elvis – alive and well in Nashville

DGS wanted to be Elvis for halloween.  He’s just 6 and came up with this idea Elvis1all on his own.  We thought that was very original…especially since he knows very little about Elvis.  So…grandma to the rescue.  He was by the estimation of every one who counts 😉 the cutest little guy at the trunk or treat.

Now he was a bit disappointed when he learned that the miracle sewing grandma did not do wigs but I think his own Elvis2hair dyed a fine dark shade was just perfect!  He had his own sort of dance, and Elvis would not have recognized it, but it was good enough to earn a half a pillowcase full of goodies that evening, many of which he ate while bouncing on the back seat of our car as we greeted the late comers to the event held in our church parking lot.  Aside from being a bit hyped up on sugar, as were most children who arrived early and stayed for the entire event, he went home a happy boy and grandma (that’s me) pulled off the heroine role of the evening.

Pattern used:  Simplicity 2880.  Fabrics…an old white bedsheet, some cheap sequin knit from Wally World, glitter paints and sequins.  It was easy to sew.  The hard part was the fact that it jumps size Ranges 2-4 is one size 6-8 is the next.  So what do you make a skinny size 5?  I went with the 2-4 and added a bit to each side and to the length.  I could have added a bit more length in the body.  It was wedgie prown.  But not so uncomfortable that he couldnt, run, jump, wiggle and dance in it for over 2 hours!


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