OK…I still don’t like piecing…but I do like quilting!

tablequilt I have always had an aversion to the work that goes into piecing a quilt.  It has always seemed like the same fiddly thing over and over.  OK you quilters….don’t get offended….you probably hate setting in zippers. 🙂

But, I wanted to make something for fall for a friend.  I have always enjoyed handwork and found this pattern for an appliqued table center piece.  I decided to give it a try.  My applique is simple fusing with hand stitching to finish the edges of each piece.  I used “wonder under” to fuse the pieces into place and have to say it will not be a favorite for this technique.  It is all I could lay my hands on locally but it is just too stiff to stitch through nicely.  So…my goal is to find something ‘kinder’.  I do have some misty fuse…but could not figure out how to trace the patterns on so skipped that one.

I quilted the centerpiece using the pattern in the background fabric and went around each of the appliqued elements.  I did freemotion on the border.  I tried using monofilament but my Pfaff just insisted on creating a bird’s nest.  So I used an off-white thread.  I did struggle with the free motion.  The border stippling went pretty well but the stitching around the appliques found me just fighting the machine.  I feel I need a “slicker” surface to slide the fabric freely. 

My friend, who doesn’t sew, absolutely loved her gift and had not idea what the stitching would look like if I had been a pro…so…mission accomplished!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Liz A.
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 23:13:10

    Gee Loretta, for somebody who doesn’t quilt, I’d say you did a bang up job. It looks great! You might want to try Steam-a-seam for a lighter fusible. Personally, I like needleturn applique. As for the monofilament, it’s not always the easiest to use. There are monofilaments and then there are monofilaments. I’ve had good luck with YLI & Superior.

    And yes, give me lots of tedious, fiddly piecing over a zipper any day!


  2. fittingtips
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 11:52:38

    Thank you Liz, I appreciate that nice comment. That’s why I showed you a “distance” shot. LOL I’ll have to get some Steam-a-seam light. All I have is the 1/4″ variety, and I do like using it when sewing with knits.


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