I love being a grandma!

The last few days have been filled with grandmotherly opportunities.  On Wednesday we attended the kindergarden graduation of one of our grandsons.  Kindergarden graduation in the south is a real event!  The 6 year olds marched into the gym wearing full caps and gowns to the strains of Pomp and Circumstance.  After a song to demonstrate their musical talents the stuents marched accrss the field as thier names were called and accepted thier diploma from the teacher.  Afterwards we celebrated with a trip to the graduate’s favorite resturant…Cracker Barrel, where he showed off his 6″ Graduate button and his autograph graduate cap wearing dauchaund.

Saturday was filled with family.  3 DD and families which include 3 6yo DGS, 1 9yo DGS and 1 12 going on 20 DGD.  The day was filled with fun which included swimming in the hot tub (yes, 6 yo boys can turn summersaults and do cannonballs in a 4 person hot tub!), water ballon fights – which included DDs and many games of “baseball”, soccer, and football.  We picniced in the yard and even had a birthday party for one of the DGS.  At 10pm we fell into bet exahusted.

At 6am we were up and running packing the car.  We left Nashville for Valdosta, GA on our way to Disney world with DD #1 and family which includes 2 DGS.  We are now looking forward to 7 days of fun in Florida and our day will begin again tomorrow at 6am.  I am sure I will return home one tired but happy grandma!  I’m having a blast!



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  1. Londa
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 05:24:16

    So glad to hear you are too enjoying the thrills of this ‘grandma’ thing. Me too! Nothing is better – not even sewing in my opinion! I love to take naps with my 3 year old grandson and just marvel at him. I think, as Grandmas’, we have – or at least should TAKE the time to marvel…and enrich their lives. My little guy lives here in town, so I’m enjoying that as long as it lasts…


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