Not the most elegant solution-but functional

scrub-pant As you may recall, I was making a pair of scrub pants for DD.  Per her instructions I “lowered” the waist 2.5″ from the ‘natural’ waist.  Well…DD had never worn scrub pants before and discovered that the elastic waist, even with a drawstring, did not fit like jeans.   When sitting…ahmmm…let’s just say it was a little more revealing than intended.  Not the professional look we were striving for.

So….unstitch the casing…use my handy dandy clover ripper…love these!  To cut through the serging.  Fortunately, I was pretty good and hadn’t nicked the elastic.  Cut a 3″ extension of the fabric.  Apply to the top of the pants. (Click the picture for a better view).

pants-closeNow the dilemma…what to do with the eyelets for the drawstring.  I cut a rectangular piece of fabric and pressed 3 sides under.  Applied Steam a Seam light and fused to the front of the pants over the eyelets.  Then, I fused tricot interfacing to the inside for comfort.  I topstitched the rectangle.  Reapplied the elastic, created a second set of eyelets and tada….wearable pants! 


Now…if we could just do something about my Photo shop skills.  šŸ™‚

Happy sewing…



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  1. Janet Bernasconi
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 11:43:33

    LOL loretta you are so cute! Love how you fixed the exposed area of the I love to sew,but for some reason making clothes is not my thing. I prefer
    And the pictures look great! Have a perfect day!
    Janet’s Creative Pillows


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