Spring in Tennessee

It’s such a pretty spring this year and not all my adventures involve the sewing machine!  I love my garden too.  Unfortunately, with a cast on my leg I am not doing the usual digging and transplanting.  No pruning even.  But fortunately my garden style is a bit wild and victorian soI think we will be OK.  Here’s a peek.

Blooming This is a view of the flower bed in my back yard.  A slightly raised bed created for the express purpose of installing a prefab garden pond.  I know it’s just a large plastic tub but it was the best I could do single handedly.  About 7 years ago the main construction of this bed took place in a week’s vacation.  Of course, as a true gardener, I move things, add things, and let things die.  But I am sure you will agree, it’s a beautiful spring day!

peek-in-the-pond Her’s a little peek into the pond that is not really waking up yet.  Without spreading plants the fish hide in the bricks so that they aren’t eaten.  We are near the lake and have visits from raccoons and gray herons.   At least 6 goldfish are hiding in that little crack in the bricks. 

Another view, showing Flower-garden neighbor’s privacy hedge and my arbor which will soon have clematis climbing on it.  This little painted concrete birdbath came from the fleamarket and is just perfect under the arbor, don’t you think?


tulips-are-blooming This is my side yard.  DH just built the flowerbeds last summer when he excavated the lawn beside the driveway to remove excess rock left from the construction and deepen the lawn.  I love the flowers, but John likes having the greenest lawn in the neighborhood.  He tolerates my flowers as long as they are contained in beds and don’t interfere with mowing.

peonies The peony’s are up and it’s too late to move them.  This clump really needed split this spring but was not going to happen with my limitations.  It’s amazing how well they do in this rocky place where the meter man keeps it trampled down.

lilacsHere’s a brave little lilac bush.  Planted last spring and barely surviving a late frost.  But it has buds!  I know it will smell sweet.  It was picked more for fragrance than anything and is near the back deck.

azaleas-soonThis is one of three little azalea’s I planted last spring.  Just about to pop into boom.

forcythia  Isn’t the forcythia grand!  And the neighbor’s cherry tree which I probably enjoy more than they do since they spend very little time out of doors.


Hyacinths and Henbit.  Yes, I know henbit is a week but it’s prominent this year and looks so sweet in the flowers that I am waiting until it is past the bloom to hit it with roundup.  Probably a mistake..but it won’t be the first one I’ve made.

cherry-tree hyacynth-and-henbit








jimmyandcameron Ok…couldn’t resist, two of my grandson’s at Easter…still friends following the egg hunt.  And the lovely daughter’s and grand daughter.  Here you will catch a glimpse of my neighbor’s tidy and artistic garden.  She’s a painter and I am sure she see’s this garden as a lovely painting.  I on the other hand, love my wild riot of color!Easter-girls


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