My leg is in a cast, and so naturally, I’m dreaming of shoes

Shortened Achilles, that’s what it is, a result of a break 5 years ago where the bone was attended to but not the soft tissue damage.  The prognosis…no more flat shoes.  Once this stress fracture heals I am “prescribed” to wear at least an inch heel.  So…naturally I am dreaming of shoes since I’m sick to death of a pneumatic cast boot on one foot and an asics athletic shoe on the other for stability and balance. 

Hmmmm….and I just found a pair of purple heels that aren’t too ridiculously high.   OK…is it too ridiculous to wear suede in the summer in the south?   And don’t you just love the hardware and quilted look in these aqua cuties….OK…a little high but maybe if I wear them only when I’m sitting.

1311479664_LG_aqua 1311477191_LG










Yes, I can see that I definitely need some seriously cute shoes to dream of wearing in another 6 weeks.  And…as long as I’m dreaming shoes I will have to whip up some great garments to wear them with.  Shoes this awesome need to be set off properly. 


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  1. leggy
    Apr 14, 2008 @ 15:02:01

    I too am in a cast. Mine goes from the tip of mmy toes to the top of my thigh,ugh! I dream of shoes al the time.


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