Finally Sewing Again!

After a dry spell resulting from decreased mobility and then topped off by the currently circulating respiratory virus I had a package of silk fabrics set by my door untouched (I didn’t even peek) for a week. DH commented that he knew I was feeling badly. Well today I decided that I really could wrestle the cast up the stairs to the studio and opened the package. Some beautiful classic crepes are now in my stash resource center.  However, today was not the day to sew with silks.

I have spent the afternoon trimming patterns.  I’ve cut out the pieces for a scrub suit for DD of royal colored stretch poplin.  It will look great with her coloring but as this is the first scrub sewing I’ve done for her this will be a wearable (hopefully) muslin.  I’m using Simplicity 3542.  Some adjustments will need to be made….primarily dropping the waist to a lower than natural waistline, and I will probably use a drawstring elastic…just for added security.  Once I finally get to work on this it should go together quickly.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can see how this cast handles the sewing machine foot feed.  🙂

I also cut a muslin of a dress for myself.  I’ve had a piece for at least 2 years that came from a coop purchase that is cut and ready to sew up.  This paimagerticular dress is also a Simplicity (3775).  I am basically making view F but in the short skirt version as at 5″ tall and plenty wide I don’t need a ballet length making me look any frumpier.  I also elected to cut the gathered overlay only on the front midriff.  I could probably have squeezed it out of the yardage but didn’t feel like working that hard and I think this is fine for the test and will be perfectly wearable if the dress is.  A quick check against my Jalie TT tee top  shows the sleeve should be fine as is and I did lengthen the front bodice on the bust curve slightly just for a bit of an FBA.

So….that’s about all I could handle for one day, but it was good to be fondling fabric again and I will hopefully have an update to post tomorrow.

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