Testing out new options – Confessions of a Sewing Software Geek

A friend recommended that I try windows “Live Writer” to update my blog.  So, I’m doing just that.  I love trying new things.

Lately, I have been trying a lot of new things.

1.  I’m using the new Patternmaster Boutique Version 4.  Despite a few naysayers I have found that my test garments are fitting quite well.  Amazing how the folks at Wild Ginger have managed to keep reinventing for the better.  I love some of the changes in navigation with the new program and am looking forward to sewing up an actual garment with the program….maybe tomorrow…it’s Saturday after all.

2.  I am eagerly trying to learn to run the MacGen4 program by the Patternmaker folks.  My mind is whirring with possible ideas and I can’t sleep at night figuring out what I might try next.  This latest update is so much more straight forward than the earlier versions.  The company has done a fabulous job with the interface. 

Speaking of Patternmaker, I’ve ordered my own copy of

I can hardly wait to see the new macros that will run in the Patternmaker Launch Pad.  If you buy the book you get a CD with all the software you need to run the designs furnished in the book.  A great way to get your feet wet inexpensively with the Patternmaker programs.


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