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Responding to a challenge from Teri on the Ottobre group I am sharing my sewing space.  I have a wonderful space and I know it.  Infact, my friend Karen once remarked “Loretta bought a sewing room with a house attached.” πŸ™‚

My sewing space begins outside the door where I store my sewing library on this bookcase.

However, my main space is upstairs in the bonus room over our garage.  The room is well equipped.  Infact, it’s overflowing at times.  Since this room has no built in storage I struggle with keeping the room presentable.  And…I’m no neatnick.  Thus, it is a well loved space that looks it.  My mother had a little sign in her craft room “Creative people are rarely tidy” and I think I inherited that tendency.

Cutting and Pressing Table

Here is the view as you go up the stairs and enter the room.   My cutting and pressing surface is a 12×5 foot padded table with a storage shelf underneath and a little ledge under the top edge for items like scissors, weights, marking tools etc. so they are right at hand.  I also use the clamps for clamping fabric to the table.  This is actually a drapery making table and I have used it in the past for that purpose professionally.  Since I am not doing that presently I am contemplating cutting the length of the table down and hinging it to either end so that it could be raised into position if needed but would not take up so much space in the meantime.   My room is large 20X25, but it is a lot of walking to move around the table.






Ironing Aid

This is my ironing aid.  DH built it for me so that the boiler iron is suspended over the table and I can reach it from either side of the table.  It has a base with wheels and I can push it up and down the table if need be.  Another advantage is that I am short and I can stand on the base for a little extra reach if I need to.  You can also see the rack DH built to hold rolls of fabric for cutting sitting in front of the window.





Here is my sewing station.  It consists of a table from the Bush office furniture line (peninsula) with my standard machine and my serger.  The drawer cart rolls right under one end to keep things handy at the machine.  Also a part of my sewing area is my Juki industrial straight stitch.  It sews fast!  Took some getting used to but I love using it for big sewing jobs.  My main machine is the Pfaff 7570…love that integrated dual feed foot which makes the machine just magical to sew on.  I also have a Babylock Evolve serger.  What a dream machine it is too!

Sewing Station 1

To the far right, at the top of the stairs you will see my full length mirror.  With the vaulted ceilings in this room it is challenging to find a wall tall enough to stand the mirror against.  But, this works pretty well.  You can also see my tall storage chest I use for notions to the left of the industrial machine and my thread chest is on-top.  The thread chest is a “Block box” .

And…my only piece of Ikea furniture…the chair.  $19.00 and the most comfortable chair I’ve had in a long time to sit on while sewing.




 Sewing Station 2



The pattern cabinet and an old microwave cart from the days of giant microwaves that I have repurposed as a storage stand for ironing supplies and such things as interfacings, STP, pillowforms and bags of polyfill.  The yardsticks stand in a small waste can so that they are contained.Pattern and Ironing supply storage











My fabric “resource center”.  Yes…I have a lot!  this includes my fabrics folded and sorted by colors in the wire storage cubes as well as several bolts of fabric waiting to be cut for the fabric coop.  I have intentions of creating canvas covers for the wire bins to keep light at bay.  The front panels will attach with Velcro so that I can easily get a good look whenever I want.  As mentioned earlier, I have no storage closet in this room and that presents a challenge.



And finally, my serger thread and an illustration of my “elastic filing system”.  I have FOE and lingerie elastics wound on cards and stored in baggies that are filed in shoe boxes.


Fabric Resource Center

Here’s a link to my slide show if you would prefer to look at my room this way.  Yes, as I said, I know I am very blessed to have all this space.  But I run a part time business from this room and it has served me quite well for both business and pleasure!

Serger thread storage and Elastics filing system


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mccloskeyjl
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 21:39:51

    Wow Loretta, I love your table. How long is that thing. What a nice room, and I recognize that Pfaff. I used to have one, and I loved it. BTW, I have the same problem with the pictures. Have not figured it out either.


  2. lori
    Feb 21, 2008 @ 07:23:26

    Wonderful sewing space. I am envious of the size of your room and the natural light. I bet you enjoy this room so much.


  3. thedomesticdiva
    Feb 25, 2008 @ 15:20:05

    That’s one awesome sewing studio!!! I love it! The window is to die for!

    If you need any help organizing your space, head on over to my blog where I have an ongoing Sewing Room Organization Challenge.

    HTH! Happy Sewing!

    With friendship,


  4. fittingtips
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 13:54:04

    Thanks Ladies for all the compliments on my sewing room. And Lisa, I did buzz over to the domestic diva site, but got too distracted looking around. I forgot all about sewing room organization πŸ™‚ Guess that explains why I’m organizationally challenged! Loretta


  5. Natalie
    Jul 19, 2009 @ 00:33:59

    Loretta – this is a glorious space! I also love the quote from your mom’s sign. I relate to that! It is a constant challenge for me – I’d so much rather create than put things back!


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