Hey Hey We’re the Monkeys!

Burp ClothsOK, you need a few years on you to appreciate that one.  But those of us joining the grandmother set have friends having grandchildren and thus showers to attend.  I have a friend with a daughter having a shower for a child who’s sex is yet unknown.  She likes green….so I obliged.  I whipped up 2 soft flannel recieving blankets in a sturdy flanel 45″ square.  Receiving blanketsBig enough to really use.  These are very simply made…cut the square, use a saucer to curve the corners, serge.  I threaded my serger with Metlock in the needle, wooly nylon in the lower looper and the smallest pearl cotton I could find in the upper looper.  I set the stitches close together and did a wide 3 thread overlock.  Turned out beautiful and soft.  Almost looks like a narrow satin binding.  Then, my favorite, in the singing monkey flannel, burp cloths.  I just improvised a nice “dog bone” shape that would lie on the shoulder.  Backed the flannel with a nice plushy terrycloth to absorb well and serged again.  Mom-to-be has a nice off beat sense of humor and I  think she will enjoy these much more than something that smaks of pink, or blue or baby mint green.  Sewing time:  30 minutes.  We’re to busy sewing……..layetteThe Gift Assortment


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