A Day at the Quilt Show

My friend Cathy who is my longest standing sewing buddy here in Nashville sent an e-mail suggesting we get together and see the exhibit hall of the AQS quilt show.  We had 3 hours to cover the giant hall.  What a great day!  Even though we aren’t really quilters we got a good creative shot in the arm.

Right away I was in heaven when I discovered marbled fabric created with ink and shaving cream.  I had to have the “kit”.  This will serve me well for both fiber crafts and rubber stamping crafts on paper.  I can’t open it this weekend because I have a sewing favor to finish for a friend (a bridesmaid dress…groan)  but once I finish it I will break out the kit and play!  Stay tuned for samples.

My second purchase was a great little plastic chest.  It reminds me of the vintage tread chests, in sturdy opaque plastic.  Since I have been working on an organizing strategy for the various items in my sewing room this is the perfect addition.  I also picked up some new magazine files at IKEA this week so I am going to separate my “Threads” from my “Burdas”.  Well..obviously this is a digression from the quilt show…but I feel the need to organize before I create.

Random ideas I don’t want to forget:


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